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The Permanent Collection began with the AAN founders, who saw the need for documenting Nantucket’s art colony history. They also imagined the Collection providing a visual context for the association’s history while offering a precious heritage for the future.

Many early donations were accrued through purchase awards at AAN functions. Today the works number over 1,600 and are carefully catalogued, watched over by committee, and actively guided into an ever-expanding entity. AAN continues to seek donations of important Nantucket artworks as well as seed funds to keep this legacy both preserved and exhibited on a regular basis. To inquire about donations, please contact AAN’s Artistic Director Robert Frazier.

AAN's origins and history are covered in Frazier's 2020 book Born From A Hurricane, 75 Years of the Artists Association of Nantucket, 1945-2020, available here.

The Permanent Collection covers the modern century, from the art colony roots of the 1920s to artists active today. All traditional media are represented, and artifacts include AAN history documents, sketchbooks, biographical materials, photographs, and original show cards.

  • Bob Addams
    Bob Addams
  • Nicci Aguair
    Nicci Aguair
  • John Dary Aiken
    John Dary Aiken
  • Joan Albaugh
    Joan Albaugh
  • Andres Amodio
    Andres Amodio
  • Ginger Andrews
    Ginger Andrews
  • Frances Arkin
    Frances Arkin
  • William Armstrong
    William Armstrong
  • Louise Stark Arnold
    Louise Stark Arnold
  • Paul Arsenault
    Paul Arsenault
  • John Austin
    John Austin
  • March Avery
    March Avery
  • Roy Bailey
    Roy Bailey
  • Kasia Baker
    Kasia Baker
  • Sarah Baker
    Sarah Baker
  • David Bareford
    David Bareford
  • Grace Dubois Bartlett
    Grace Dubois Bartlett
  • Edith R. Beach
    Edith R. Beach
  • Doris Riker Beer
    Doris Riker Beer
  • Richard C. Beer
    Richard C. Beer
  • Nathaniel Benchley
    Nathaniel Benchley
  • Jonfried Bergschneider
    Jonfried Bergschneider
  • J. Boucher
    J. Boucher
  • Schuyler Bradt
    Schuyler Bradt
  • Susan Briskman
    Susan Briskman
  • Dorothy Bromeisler
    Dorothy Bromeisler
  • Bernadette Brown
    Bernadette Brown
  • Colin Brown
    Colin Brown
  • Jack Brown
    Jack Brown
  • G.T.
    G.T. "Tom" Burke
  • Lois Wing Burrell
    Lois Wing Burrell
  • Bobby Bushong
    Bobby Bushong
  • Polly Bushong
    Polly Bushong
  • Sherri A. Bustad
    Sherri A. Bustad
  • Watson Cady
    Watson Cady
  • Vince Calarco
    Vince Calarco
  • Jerry Lee Canada
    Jerry Lee Canada
  • Barbara Capizzo
    Barbara Capizzo
  • Jeannette Carl
    Jeannette Carl
  • Jerry Carl
    Jerry Carl
  • Rachel
    Rachel "Rae" Carpenter
  • Barbara Carr
    Barbara Carr
  • Andrew Casner
    Andrew Casner
  • Elwyn Moody Chamberlain
    Elwyn Moody Chamberlain
  • Mary Chandler
    Mary Chandler
  • Frank Swift Chase
    Frank Swift Chase
  • Steven Chase
    Steven Chase
  • Virginia Chase
    Virginia Chase
  • Margaret B. L. Chatfield
    Margaret B. L. Chatfield
  • Dennis Childs
    Dennis Childs
  • Amy Chuckrow
    Amy Chuckrow
  • Antonio Ciccone
    Antonio Ciccone
  • Maud Millicent Clapp
    Maud Millicent Clapp
  • Kay Knight Clarke
    Kay Knight Clarke
  • Louise Fulton Coffin
    Louise Fulton Coffin
  • Patricia Coffin
    Patricia Coffin
  • Phil Coffin
    Phil Coffin
  • Estelle PIckett Coggins
    Estelle PIckett Coggins
  • Helen Wieland Cole
    Helen Wieland Cole
  • Anne Ramsdell Congdon
    Anne Ramsdell Congdon
  • Elizabeth Congdon
    Elizabeth Congdon
  • Alison Hall Cooley
    Alison Hall Cooley
  • William J. Coombs
    William J. Coombs
  • Marilyn Crafa
    Marilyn Crafa
  • Sarah Perry Crane
    Sarah Perry Crane
  • A. M. Crosby
    A. M. Crosby
  • David Cross
    David Cross
  • Paul Crosthwaite
    Paul Crosthwaite
  • Cummings
  • Anita June Coffin Dammin
    Anita June Coffin Dammin
  • Robert Dandurand
    Robert Dandurand
  • Linda Darby
    Linda Darby
  • Annette Brock Davis
    Annette Brock Davis
  • George P. Davis
    George P. Davis
  • Margaret Underwood Davis
    Margaret Underwood Davis
  • Patty Day
    Patty Day
  • Burnham Dell
    Burnham Dell
  • John Devaney
    John Devaney
  • Phoebe Evans Dey
    Phoebe Evans Dey
  • Barbara Dill
    Barbara Dill
  • Loretta Domaszewski
    Loretta Domaszewski
  • Jeanne Donovan
    Jeanne Donovan
  • Andrea Dougan
    Andrea Dougan
  • Dennis Dreher
    Dennis Dreher
  • Marshall DuBock
    Marshall DuBock
  • Katherine R. Eames
    Katherine R. Eames
  • Eddy Henry Stephens
    Eddy Henry Stephens
  • John Egle
    John Egle
  • Fritz Eichenberg
    Fritz Eichenberg
  • Louise Late Emerson
    Louise Late Emerson
  • Betty Yates Ensign
    Betty Yates Ensign
  • John Fandel
    John Fandel
  • Piero Fenci
    Piero Fenci
  • C. J.
    C. J. "Jim" Fleming
  • Gabriella Fiabane
    Gabriella Fiabane
  • Elle Foley
    Elle Foley
  • Annie Barker Folger
    Annie Barker Folger
  • Margaret Fox
    Margaret Fox
  • Howard Fraker
    Howard Fraker
  • Barbara Brown Frazier
    Barbara Brown Frazier
  • Robert Alexander Frazier
    Robert Alexander Frazier
  • Laetitia Frothingham
    Laetitia Frothingham
  • Heidi Funck
    Heidi Funck
  • Mary Patricia
    Mary Patricia "Pat" Gardner
  • Nancy Gares
    Nancy Gares
  • Paul Garro
    Paul Garro
  • Maryann Gelula
    Maryann Gelula
  • Elaine Gifford
    Elaine Gifford
  • Dorothy Goerger
    Dorothy Goerger
  • Ardale V. Golding
    Ardale V. Golding
  • Sage Goldsmith
    Sage Goldsmith
  • Sybil Goldsmith
    Sybil Goldsmith
  • Rose Gonnella
    Rose Gonnella
  • Elinor Gibson Graham
    Elinor Gibson Graham
  • Susanne Green
    Susanne Green
  • Virginia Greenleaf
    Virginia Greenleaf
  • Peter Guarino
    Peter Guarino
  • Louis A. Guarnaccia
    Louis A. Guarnaccia
  • Sue Cory Guenther
    Sue Cory Guenther
  • Kerry Hallam
    Kerry Hallam
  • Sara Halm
    Sara Halm
  • Steve Hannock
    Steve Hannock
  • James Harrington
    James Harrington
  • William Haseltine
    William Haseltine
  • Henry Havemeyer
    Henry Havemeyer
  • Loring Hayden
    Loring Hayden
  • Peter Hayward
    Peter Hayward
  • Rob Head
    Rob Head
  • Coah S. Henry
    Coah S. Henry
  • Marianne Herlitz
    Marianne Herlitz
  • Philip Burnham Hicken
    Philip Burnham Hicken
  • G. S. Hill
    G. S. Hill
  • Grace Powell Hilliard
    Grace Powell Hilliard
  • Megan Hinton
    Megan Hinton
  • Emily Leaman Hoffmeier
    Emily Leaman Hoffmeier
  • Eric Holch
    Eric Holch
  • H. Gordon Hughes
    H. Gordon Hughes
  • J. D. Hunting
    J. D. Hunting
  • Hazel Beauregard Ives
    Hazel Beauregard Ives
  • Julia M. Jelleme
    Julia M. Jelleme
  • Edgar Whitfield Jenney
    Edgar Whitfield Jenney
  • Peter Johnston
    Peter Johnston
  • Jones Jennifer
    Jones Jennifer
  • Rebecca Jusco
    Rebecca Jusco
  • Illya Kagan
    Illya Kagan
  • Nikita Karpenko
    Nikita Karpenko
  • Ani Kasten
    Ani Kasten
  • Barbara Kauffmann-Locke
    Barbara Kauffmann-Locke
  • Elizabeth Keller
    Elizabeth Keller
  • Kathleen Potter Kelliher
    Kathleen Potter Kelliher
  • Richard Kemble
    Richard Kemble
  • Halsey Kent
    Halsey Kent
  • William Kent
    William Kent
  • Gerta Kerr (Mason)
    Gerta Kerr (Mason)
  • Peter Kerr
    Peter Kerr
  • Charlotte Stuart Kimball
    Charlotte Stuart Kimball
  • Peter Koster
    Peter Koster
  • Whitney Kreb
    Whitney Kreb
  • S. Warren Krebs
    S. Warren Krebs
  • Paul La Paglia
    Paul La Paglia
  • Leslie Lane
    Leslie Lane
  • Florence Rand Lang
    Florence Rand Lang
  • Charlotte Layman
    Charlotte Layman
  • Kenneth Layman
    Kenneth Layman
  • David Lazarus
    David Lazarus
  • Katie Trinkle Legge
    Katie Trinkle Legge
  • Reggie Levine
    Reggie Levine
  • M. J. Levy Dickson
    M. J. Levy Dickson
  • Barbara Lewis
    Barbara Lewis
  • Sherre Wilson Liljegren
    Sherre Wilson Liljegren
  • Karol Lindquist
    Karol Lindquist
  • John Lochtefeld
    John Lochtefeld
  • Peter Lochtefeld
    Peter Lochtefeld
  • Paul Longenecker
    Paul Longenecker
  • Harriet Lord
    Harriet Lord
  • Laura Lovett
    Laura Lovett
  • Cynthia Lyman
    Cynthia Lyman
  • Scott Maclain
    Scott Maclain
  • Melissa MacLeod
    Melissa MacLeod
  • Dee Macy
    Dee Macy
  • Wendell F. Macy
    Wendell F. Macy
  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie
  • Lynne Marie
    Lynne Marie
  • Keith McDaniel
    Keith McDaniel
  • Robert McDougall
    Robert McDougall
  • Janet Ball McGlinn
    Janet Ball McGlinn
  • Robert McKee
    Robert McKee
  • Barbara Melendy
    Barbara Melendy
  • Anne Mellin
    Anne Mellin
  • Maggie Meredith
    Maggie Meredith
  • Jan Purdy Metcalf
    Jan Purdy Metcalf
  • Gladys Milligan
    Gladys Milligan
  • Sarah Mills
    Sarah Mills
  • Elizabeth Moore
    Elizabeth Moore
  • Jean Morin
    Jean Morin
  • John W. Morgan, III
    John W. Morgan, III
  • Mercy Moyo
    Mercy Moyo
  • Sterling Mulbry
    Sterling Mulbry
  • George Murphy
    George Murphy
  • Mary Sarg Murphy
    Mary Sarg Murphy
  • Elliot Melville Offner
    Elliot Melville Offner
  • Barbara Owen
    Barbara Owen
  • June Owen
    June Owen
  • Katharine Dunn Pagon
    Katharine Dunn Pagon
  • Leigh Palmer
    Leigh Palmer
  • Charles Parsons
    Charles Parsons
  • Jan Pawlowski
    Jan Pawlowski
  • Joseph Pennell
    Joseph Pennell
  • C. Robert Perrin
    C. Robert Perrin
  • Richard Peterson
    Richard Peterson
  • C. W. Petit
    C. W. Petit
  • Pamela Pindell
    Pamela Pindell
  • Hal Polin
    Hal Polin
  • Jo Polseno
    Jo Polseno
  • Joan Potkay
    Joan Potkay
  • Betsy Potlach
    Betsy Potlach
  • Helen Sharp Potter
    Helen Sharp Potter
  • Nathaniel Pousette-Dart
    Nathaniel Pousette-Dart
  • Harry E. Pratt
    Harry E. Pratt
  • William Webb Price
    William Webb Price
  • Marilyn Rabetz
    Marilyn Rabetz
  • Romana Rainey
    Romana Rainey
  • Naima Rauam
    Naima Rauam
  • Jane Brewster Reid
    Jane Brewster Reid
  • Mabel Agnes Rice
    Mabel Agnes Rice
  • Michael Rich
    Michael Rich
  • Hubert Ripley
    Hubert Ripley
  • L. Ritman
    L. Ritman
  • Mary Turlay Robinson
    Mary Turlay Robinson
  • Sara Roby
    Sara Roby
  • Sheila Rogoff
    Sheila Rogoff
  • Anne Rose
    Anne Rose
  • Lucille Gruliow Rosen
    Lucille Gruliow Rosen
  • Edwin Rudd
    Edwin Rudd
  • Donn Russell
    Donn Russell
  • Elizabeth Saltonstall
    Elizabeth Saltonstall
  • Christine Sanford
    Christine Sanford
  • Tony Sarg
    Tony Sarg
  • Esther Hoyt Sawyer
    Esther Hoyt Sawyer
  • Lizbeth Schaeffler
    Lizbeth Schaeffler