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  • “Great Point Lighthouse” - watercolor

John Dary Aiken

b. 1908

“Great Point Lighthouse” was painted in 1937 (Aiken was 29).

Massachusetts artist, educator, and lecturer. Born 1908, Exhibited at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts as well as AAN.

Birth place: Boston, MA

Addresses: Boston, MA; Wellesley 81, MA

Profession: Painter, educator, lecturer, designer

Studied: Vesper George Sch. A.; and with Eliot O’Hara.

Exhibited: PAFA, 1937; Gloucester SA, 1937-39; Wellesley SA, 1936-46; deCordova & Dana Mus., 1956.

Member: Boston S. Indp. A.; Wellesley SA; Gloucester SA.

Work: deCordova & Dana Mus., Lincoln, Mass.

Comments: Specialties: murals, bookplate designs. Position: t., Browne & Nichols Sch., Cambridge, Mass., 1942-46; t. and later hd., dept. of applied design, Boston Sch. Occupational Therapy, Boston, Mass., 1939 until at least 1959.