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  • “Woods in Winter” - collage
  • “Louise L. Emerson” - photograph (I&M blurred)
  • “Nantucket Wharves” - serigraph
  • “Crocus” - collage
  • “Spherical Movement” - collage
  • “Kitye + Kite” - collage
  • “Floral #1” - watercolor
  • “Floral #2” - watercolor
  • “Harbor” - watercolor

Louise Late Emerson


One of the founders of the 45 Group of Nantucket modernists as well as the AAN, Emerson acted as the 45 Group chairman for most all of its events, many of which involved exhibitions from 1945-50 at the Kenneth Taylor Galleries, when, in effect, the group was absorbed by the AAN.

Emerson sat on the first AAN executive committee, and she won an award for Black and White in the AAN’s first open show in 1946. She was also a stalwart AAN volunteer.

She lived on Washington Street just south of the Levine family and the Kerr School of Art, and her studio was nearby in The Scallop in the group of art colony cottages piurchased by Ruth Haviland Sutton at the base of Commercial Wharf.

Her friendships with Charlotte Kimball and Isabelle Tuttle inspired them to try the occasional collage piece.

She was a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design.

The black & white photo of her here is taken from a newsprint article of her in the 8/1/64 Inquirer & Mirror.