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  • “Panning for Gold” - monotype print
  • “Tom Burke” - photograph
  • “Yellow Tree” - oils
  • “Swan Song” - etching
  • “A Cool Conspiracy” - monotype

G.T. "Tom" Burke


“I don’t purposely put symbolism in,” Burke says, acknowledging that his work may spark emotional response. “But, since it’s all coming from my mind, I guess I do put my experiences into it. It’s not an intel­lectual process but a creative one. If you ideate beforehand, it tends to block the flow. I don’t want to limit what I do.”

The last is obvious. Burke’s work shines with innovative and unex­pected couplings-violets and reds shading yellows; grays and browns coming to life by surrounding bits of gold or blue; fine lines restraining pulsing hues. This is a man of many colors, sometimes wild, sometimes calm. “I’m very interested in color,” he agrees, “much more so than form.”

In form, texture and technique, Burke seems to delight in testing the untried. Yet the results are true. He happily mixes media and varies rou­tines. “I’m very loose and relaxed when I work,” he says. “I may have the paper on the table and manipu­late the [monotype] plate over it or leave the plate still and move the paper, depending on how I feel.

From Gulfshore Life, 2/94