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  • “Untitled (3 Faces)” - pencil drawing
  • “Untitled (4 Faces)” - pencil drawing
  • “Twins” - wood
  • “Nikita Karpenko” - photograph

Nikita Karpenko


Mr. Karpenko was born in Poltava, in the Ukraine.
Member of the ‘45 Group with his wife Margaret.

Nikita Karpenko, ship-model maker, whose models were exhibited at the Orrefors Gallery in NY. His models are of the period 1750-1850, and he’s quite generally accepted as the foremost ship-modeller of his day. President Roosevelt had a Carpenko (sometimes spelled this way), a true model of the Hudson River packet sloop Experiment, which sailed for China in 1785, in his Oval Office. It took from three to six months to make one of his models; his total output for one year never exeeded two large ships or five small ones.