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  • Kenneth Taylor Galleries/Thomas Macy Warehouse exterior, ca. 1948 - photograph by Louis Davidson
  • KTG Lower Gallery facing rear door onto Still Dock
  • KTG Lower Gallery facing front west-side windows and stairs, with Georgie Walling
  • KTG Lower Gallery showing hanging wall panels
  • KTG Upper Gallery facing west
  • KTG Upper Gallery facing east toward the end of Straight Wharf

* Kenneth Taylor Galleries - photos 1945-49

By 1949 and 1950, the Kenneth Taylor Galleries, housed in the historic Thomas Macy Warehouse that was rebuilt after the Great Atlantic Hurricane of 1944, hosted only Artist Association events and exhibitions.

These photos show the exterior photographed by Louis Davidson, the Lower Gallery, and the Upper Gallery, ca. 1945-49. The second Lower Gallery image poses association secretary Georgie Walling at the sales desk. See a portrait of Georgie under entries for photographer Walter Pollak.