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  • “Potential” - acrylic laquer

Heidi Funck

“I have been an artist for as long as I can remember and a painter for 20
years. I have a BFA from RIT and have worked professionally as a scenic
artist and a decorative painter. About 10 years ago while living on
Nantucket, I began to show my work more seriously. I now live on
Martha’s Vineyard, where I juggle motherhood, painting, and teaching

I work in acrylics and love their versatility. I’m drawn to art that makes me feel something. My work is mostly Still life with a symbolic edge and can sometimes border on the surreal. The meaning is there to take or leave or translate as you like.

…But then other times, an apple speaks to me from the produce section and I just need to sink my brush in. I’m attracted to light and shadow, color and contrast, and often my subject chooses me, rather than the other way around. Color and light evoke emotional response and sometimes inspiration comes from unlikely sources. A piece of pottery, a peach, a shell fragment, or sunlight streaming through a window all give pause and beg a closer look. The challange comes in capturing not just the image, but the emotion… and passing it along.”

Heidi is a past board member of the AAN.