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  • “Toward Madaket” - 20 x 24” - acrylics
  • Isabelle Hollister Tuttle - photograph by Beverly Hall
  • “Nantucket Landscape” - 15.5 x 19.5” - acrylics
  • “Green Thumb Entry” - 11.5 x 13” - acrylics
  • “The Moors” - 8.5 x 15” - pen & ink
  • “Untitled (Woods)” - 4.5 x 6.25” - pen & ink

Isabelle Hollister Tuttle


Tuttle spent summers on the island in her youth and knew several local artists, including Maud Stumm. In 1926 she moved to the island; taking up residence at the old Jethro Coffin House on North Liberty Street with her husband, printmaker Henry Emerson Tuttle.

Tuttle became a regular student of Frank Swift Chase and painted under his influence for three decades. She is first listed as an exhibitor at the Easy Street Gallery in 1925. Tuttle joined the executive board of the AAN in 1946 and remained committed to the Association throughout her life.

After neglecting her paints for a decade, Tuttle became excited in the mid-1960’s by the style of a new teacher on island, Phililp Burnham Hicken, and studied acrylic painting with him into the 1970s.

Her painting studio on Washington Street still stands.