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  • “It’s For You” - oils

Margaret Fox

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Parsons School of Design, New York, NY
Art Students League, New York, NY

Solo Shows:
Old Spouter Gallery, Nantucket, MA     2004 –2013

Group Shows:
Old Spouter Gallery, Nantucket, MA   2004 – 2014
Joyce & and Seward Johnson Gallery, Nantucket, MA   2004 – present
Artist’s House Gallery,  Philadelphia, PA  2007

Artist Statement

When asked to come up with an adjective to describe my work, I continually return to the word quiet.  My paintings are contemplative studies of the places I know.  I paint what I see around me.  Sometimes the scenes I choose may not at first appear to be beautiful;  a telephone pole, a concrete barrier, a building in need of repair.  But by choosing these scenes I hope to capture the quiet beauty of everyday life.  My focus is on structure, light and space.  I try to portray my subjects in as straightforward a manner as possible without idealizing them.  I am particularly interested in the intersection of man and nature.

I begin a painting by taking lots of photographs and making sketches, sometimes returning to the same spot over and over again to see it in many different lights and to burn the image into my brain. When something catches my interest, I go back to the studio and work from the photographs and the sketches. From time to time when I am working on a painting I will go back to the location and just stand and stare, memorizing the feel of the place. Photographs are a jumping off place; they provide composition and value. They are a form of reference, like a sketch. They do not provide the lines or marks, that is up to me.