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  • “Life Saving Museum” - watercolor
  • “Jennette Carl” - photograph
  • “Kathleen Knight” - oil
  • “Ellen Selden” - alkyd
  • “On the Pond” - alkyd
  • “Pond, July 24” - watercolor
  • “Woven Bird #1” - mixed media
  • Asian Vases

Jeannette Carl


Educated at the Art Center in San Francisco and William Patterson College in New Jersey. She used to paint watercolors “en plein air” and then worked out of her studio at 3 Chestnut Street with her husband, fiber artisan Jerry Carl. She met Jerry in art school and married in 1948. Jeannette also sculpted clay and wove baskets and shorebirds out of rattan reed. One of the few AAN painters who regularly used the alkyd medium.