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  • “Windowsill” - oil

Dean Taylor

From 1969-71 he partnered with Andres Amodio in the Amodio-Taylor Gallery at 45 Orange Street.

been painting since 1956, when he attended the Haystack Mt. School on Deer Island, Maine. He was born in Nebraska, received his B.S. at the Lewis and Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and his M.F.A. at the University of Oregon. In 1956, after meeting in New York, Dean and Andres came to Nantucket and had a successful exhibition of paintings at the Little Gallery. They have lived and worked here since that time. Andres was born in Montivideo, Uruguay of Italian-Uruguayan parents. He studied music (piano) for 13 years and then turned to architecture. While going to architectural school, he began to paint under a disciple of Fernand Leger. It was a tremendous experience for him. Finally, he felt free to create, drawing on his own feeling and im agination; whereas, in music he felt he was only interpreting another artists’ creation. In architecture he felt restricted by physical limitations. Since then painting has occupied him full time. In speaking of his work, he says, “Painting speaks two languages, the language of nature and its own language, using forms and shapes that are very personal to the artist. Instead of using perspective, light and shadow, I work with color, porportion and dimension, relating one to the other. The forms and colors themselves create a feeling of depth, rather than perspective.