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  • “Over the Wetlands” - oils

Larry Vienneau

b. 1954

At first glance, Vienneau’s prints appear to be made by a different hand than that which created these landscape paintings. The prints are black and white intaglios, and the subject of these prints deal with Eskimo and North American Indian culture and mythology. In 1977, Vienneau received a B.F.A. in painting from Southeastern Massachusetts University, and in 1981, he received a M.F.A. in printmaking from Southern IIlinios University at Carbondale. His prints and paintings have won awards in both national and international competitions. In 1983, he was selected to take part in an Exhibition of nineteen American Artists, which toured South American galleries and museums. He has been a member of the Artists Association of Nantucket since 1975, and also exhibits his work at the Main Street Gallery. He was a member of the Executive Committee of the AAN from 1982-1984.