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  • “Female Head” - ceramics
  • “Lizbeth Schaeffler” - photograph
  • “Fish and Sea” - ceramics
  • “Griffin” - ceramics
  • “Nude Figure” - bronze
  • “Green Vase” - ceramics
  • “Howard” - ceramics
  • “Mini Vase” - ceramics
  • “Female Head” - stone
  • “Boats on South Beach” - pencil drawing
  • “Schaeffler Studio” - photograph
  • “Bass Relief on Wood Plaque” - bronze

Lizbeth Schaeffler


Schaeffler was a noted artist, teacher, judge, and lecturer in the fields of sculpture and pottery. She came to Nantucket for the first time at age 9 with her grandmother and returned annually for summers from the mid-1940’s.

She moved permanently to the island from New Rochelle, N.J., in 1965. She established her home and studio in the former offices of the “Nantucket Town Crier”. Lizbeth joined the AAN in the 1940’s and was executive secretary in the 1960’s.

The AAN gives an annual sculpture award in Schaeffler’s name.