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  • “Shimmo Moors” - oils

Edith R. Beach


Edith Ridgeley Beach and her daughter Anne painted in the 1940’s and 1950’s at their home and studio in Shimmo.

Her marriage to Mr. Beach took place March 9, 1918. Mr. Beach was formerly with the Kellogg Company in Battle Creek, where they lived until 1952, with the exception of 10 years after 1926 when Mr. Beach was engaged in export work. In 1936 he returned to Battle Creek to direct the building and establishment of the factory for the Weston Biscuit Co. Upon his retirement in 1952, Mr. and Mrs. Beach became permanent residents of Nantucket, which was previously their summer home.

In Battle Creek, Mrs. Beach was active in the Red Cross and in numerous other civic and community affairs. She was a member of the Women’s Corps, directed the special gifts division, and was a leader in many of the organization’s activities during World War II.

Here in Nantucket, Mrs. Beach continued her civic activities, aiding the Nantucket Thrift Stop, the Nantucket Cottage Hospital drives and other community enterprises. She was an accomplished artist and a member of the Nantucket Artists Association. Her paintings were outstanding for the delicate feeling and talent shown in her interpretation of Nantucket moor and hanbor scenes “and her ability was attested to by the fact that she won numerous awards at the Kenneth Taylor Galleries. Beach along with her daughter, Mrs. Anne Gustafson, also a talented artist, combined their efforts in a mother-daughter show at the Galleries.