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Course Description

In this 3 day workshop Julia Jensen will introduce students to a style of landscape painting that explores landscape through the lens of memory. The intent is to move beyond the literal into an exploration of personal expression. This might take the form of fairly representational or perhaps highly abstract work with the barest hint of landscape reference.

The first day will be spent outside, gathering source material. Students will use walnut ink to create beautiful sepia toned monochromatic sketches. The second and third days of the workshop will be in the studio. The walnut ink sketches will used as inspiration to create paintings using either oil or acrylic paint. Julia will walk students through a process of laying out the fundamental structure of the painting by creating an underpainting that blocks out a basic structure and values. From there students will begin to build depth and interest using expressive gestures and mark making. Julia will offer a selection of non traditional painting tools that offer different ways to make marks and build up the surface. The focus will be on layering and creating a history that can produce a rich and subtle surface.

For questions or assistance please contact Elizabeth Buccino, Director of Education

Cancellation Policy

AAN depends upon student tuition to continue to offer classes and workshops. Due to our commitment to small class sizes and the hands-on nature of art education, we are greatly impacted by cancellations. Nevertheless, we do understand that plans change. If you need to cancel your reservation for a class or workshop, please note our cancellation/refund policy here and let us know as soon as possible.


Printable Materials List

In this class we will be sketching using walnut ink on the first day and then painting in the studio on the following 2 days. I will have the walnut ink and materials to draw with for the first day of class. That said you might want to bring your own sketchbook. The second day and third days you will need painting materials. You will need to bring everything you need to paint with the exception of easels and carts. You can work in either oil or acrylic. This class isn’t really designed for watercolor.

I will bring:
Walnut Ink
brushes and pens to use with the ink
assortment of non traditional painting tools

You will need to bring:
Painting materials:
-gloves if you use them
-jars or containers for medium and solvent
-palette knives or any other tools you use to paint or mix paint
-some kind of palette
-3-5 painting substrate of relatively small size, 12” x 12” to 30” x 30”
ie. canvases, panels, paper, whatever you usually paint on.

I use panel and would recommend it for the class but if you already have other things in your studio and don’t want to buy anything new that is fine. The idea is to work on a number of small paintings at the same time, swapping things in
and out when you get stuck or need to let things dry.

Drawing materials:
sketch book
charcoal, etc.

Abstracting the Landscape, 18+

Julia Jensen

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