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Zoe Markham

Zoe Markham

Zoë specializes in:
Murals (interior & exterior)
Paintings (on canvas or wood)
Digital Art/Design
Shell art

Frequented mediums include acrylic paint, graphite, ink pens, and oil paint.

A nature lover and self taught artist, Zoë melds multiple mediums to merge her two loves- earth and art. Her paintings (oil & acrylic) give you the sense of serenity felt when gazing unto a surreal landscape. The intricate details catch your curiosity, while her color use tells a dreamy story.

Zoë’s nature made creations blend modern art and historical mythology for coastal homes. With an aesthetic for detail, since 2006 she has been polishing the ordinary Atlantic clamshell. Breathing fine art onto each shell, experimenting with archival materials to render hand drawn mythological scenes and creature portraits.

Artist Statement

Markham focuses on continuously reinventing her creativity and evolving her favorite disciplines. Seeking to captivate every viewer by provoking a deeper awareness and appreciation of their natural environment.