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Willy LeMay

Willy LeMay

I grew up north of Boston and have been living on Nantucket full time since 1991. My life has wound through the restaurant world as a waiter, bartender, manager as well as the Boston nightclub scene as a club DJ in the 1980’s and finally to this beautiful island where I’ve spent most of the past 30 years as a finish carpenter, cabinet and furniture maker.

I’ve come to photography late in life but with the usual passion I have for everything I’ve ever done. Having the time to REALLY explore Nantucket with my camera has been amazing to say the least. One of my favorite spots is out around Red Barn road on the south shore where the skies are expansive and I can set up my equipment on a warm summer evening and shoot as the skies transition from gold to blue. I’ve captured some rather compelling images out there but I also move around the island with the seasons and the changing light in an attempt to capture the raw beauty of Nantucket and that includes downtown and the harbor as well. Especially at night.

Artist Statement

I prefer to present my images whether in acrylic, metal or on paper, fairly close to how I shot them which means not too much processing but just enough to make the image eye-catching. In the world of digital photography where anything is possible I do make exceptions though such as with some abstract images I’ve been working on lately when conditions are right. My work mostly shows Nantucket through the lens of Realism. I shoot in RAW format and use Adobe Lightroom as my main cataloging and editing software. I utilize Photoshop as well for certain processes that Lightroom can’t handle, especially in editing a panoramic images. I am partial to post-sunset light when using long exposures can bring out the dreaminess of the twilight.

I’ve learned that to get the great shot, you gotta get out there all the time. My photography has rekindled my love for Nantucket and my vision is still evolving. Can’t wait to get out there again.

Current Works for Sale

  • Winter Gold
    Winter Gold
  • Yellow Ball
    Yellow Ball
  • Nubble Light, York Maine
    Nubble Light, York Maine

Artist Portfolio