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Vincent Calarco

Vincent Calarco

At the age of 10 I began painting in oils, studying at the Hazleton Art League, Hazleton, PA.
At the age of 14, my parents began making week-end trips to New York City so that I could study under the guidance and tutelage of Albert Pels. However, by age 17 I came to a realization that my tastes in life far exceeded that which an art career on its own could satisfy. I therefore diverted from my artistic endeavors.

I earned a BS in Economics with honors and a MS in Mineral Economics from Penn State University, University Park, PA. While spending 25 years in the corporate world I did maintain my artistic endeavors by executing works for family and friends.

Taking a golden parachute in 1999, my wife and I moved to Nantucket and I rekindled my artistic endeavors. In 2001, I joined the Artists’ Association of Nantucket. In 2002, I received the Association’s Robert C. MacDougall Award for Promising New Artist. The award was a complete surprise and a bit of a shock. When one hears of a “promising new artist” the first image which comes to mind is young newcomer, not a semi-retired curmudgeon. The award rejuvenated this old man and invigorated me to continue painting with greater enthusiasm.

I now paint full time in my studio in Marana, Arizona. I am continually working and challenging myself to try new techniques and processes. Like any artistic endeavor, the only way to improve is PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!

Artist Statement

My goal is to pictorially portray the interaction and interrelationship of the earth, water and air that combine to create the uniqueness that is Nantucket.

Working exclusively in oils, I use an array of techniques and styles to capture:

  • The surreal silence and intrigue of the harbor shrouded in fog.
  • The gentle sway of a fresh breeze through the dune grass.
  • The crash of an ocean wave as it releases the energy stored across the miles of sea.
  • The sharp contrast and bright colors of a lone pine standing sentinel on the moors.
  • The promise of wind filing the sails of a cat boat floating idly at its mooring.
  • The soft glow and growing shadows of the ending day.