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Valerie Kletcher Toporoff

Valerie Kletcher Toporoff

Valerie Kletcher Toporoff, a native of South Carolina, moved to Atlanta in 1983 to further her career in interior design. She worked with The Office Pavilion and then became Director of Design for Design Management Associates, Inc. Clients included J. Smith Lanier & Co. , Health Dyne and Interstate Telephone Company.

In 1986, Ms. Kletcher started her own design firm and a year later was joined by H. Leigh Smith to form Kletcher Smith Interiors, specializing in high-end residential and corporate design. Contract clients include Hi Fi Buys, CSX Sealand, and ITC Holding Company. As a registered interior designer with the Georgia State Board of architects since 1994, and an Allied Member of ASID, she continues to maintain her level of professionalism through continuing education in the field of design.

After 26 years in design, Ms. Kletcher has expanded her fine arts background, pursuing a second career as an artist. She brings her love of color and design into her art, painting vivid impressionist style paintings of her travels in Europe and the United States.

Artist Statement

Atmosphere and light, a myriad of colors and expressive marks-I incorporate these elements into my work, which originates from special places that speak to me.

I begin with a strong gestural underpainting of passages which act not as a rigid template, but as a guide, allowing freedom to build up layers of expressive color and mark. Each new element is considered in relation or in response to the others, setting up a rhythmic dialogue between the hand and the canvas.

Spontaneity invites discovery and creativity, taking me on another kind of journey, which allows my joy and inner vision to be re-created on canvas.