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Tracy Ulmer

Tracy Ulmer

For nearly 40 years, the allure of Nantucket has fueled me creatively. The quiet simplicity, the ever-changing tides and people, the rich colors, and beautiful landscapes are all grist for the mill. As an abstract artist, I have a freedom of expression like no other, becoming a means to communicate beyond the limitation of words. Working with various textures and colors allows my mood to drive my work, with each layer contributing to a process that I find both healing and cathartic. My art has gotten me through some of life’s most trying moments, and I, wholeheartedly, believe in the therapeutic power of art. I hope that my work offers its viewers a moment to pause, reflect, turn inward, and experience a chance to be fully present in our vibrant world.

My previous endeavors span corporate life, raising three sons, and teaching yoga and meditation. Currently, I take pride in my role on the board of the Artists Association of Nantucket—a dynamic and wonderful artistic community that I am grateful to be a part of.

Artist Portfolio

  • let's dance
    let's dance