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Susan Coyne

Susan Coyne

My professional life has always been aesthetically driven. My first jobs were in the fashion and fabric design fields. They were the foundation and the beginning of my aesthetic and creative evolution. My love of nature inspired me to earn a degree in Landscape Design. Working with space, size, textures, masses and perspective is very similar to the fundamentals of painting. Design is a series of decisions you make and my work in that field developed my sensitivity to the outside study of nature, the effects of light, atmosphere and changing seasons. I study space and light and how those elements react to the here and now in our environment. I like to paint solitary moments in time: the movement of light over objects. I have set a course for my own art education by studying in the winter months at a classical Atelier that focuses on traditional academic disciplines. Those studies have provided me with the stepping stone to move from copying what I see to interpreting the world around me in my own voice. The summer provides me time to explore.

Current Works for Sale

  • Long Pond View
    Long Pond View
  • Windswept at Quidnet
    Windswept at Quidnet
  • Wauwinet