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Roger Vandenberg

Roger Vandenberg

Artist Statement

Prior to the birth of our first child in 1972, my wife said to me “I will not give birth to this child unless you buy a camera and take pictures”. This ultimatum was the beginning of my lifetime interest in photography.

All my adult life, I have been taking pictures and reading photography articles. My focus then, and now, is to take pictures that make people happy.

My photography is telling stories about fun, water, food and adventure. I focus on travel, on-the-water, portrait and food photography.

Artist Portfolio

  • Going Fishing
    Going Fishing
  • Nantucket Door Knockers
    Nantucket Door Knockers
  • Early Morning Walk
    Early Morning Walk
  • Enjoying The View
    Enjoying The View
  • Where's The Hive?
    Where's The Hive?
  • I Smell Coffee
    I Smell Coffee
  • Delicious
  • Happy To Be Together
    Happy To Be Together