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Robert Miklos

Robert Miklos

Robert Miklos has been a visitor and observer of Nantucket for over 40 years.He now lives and works from his restored Greek Revival house in the heart of Historic District. The images he creates in his artwork are intended to capture a fleeting moment in time while connecting to Nantucket’s rich history and legacy.For Robert the island of Nantucket, as small as it is, has provided unlimited subject matter for interpretation, with many scenes and places still to discover.

In addition to the physical beauty of the island, the artists of Nantucket, especially the work of John Austin and the legacy artists of Nantucket’s Art Colony, have influenced Robert.

His technique and point of view is informed by a range of American artists including watercolorists Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth, and precisionists Charles Sheeler and Charles Demuth. For his work with collage he takes inspiration from both Robert Rauschenberg and Romare Bearden.

Robert combines collage in both his watercolor and oil painting often beginning the work sketching and painting on site in Plein Air. He starts each investigation with an idea or methodology for the development of the image, but as the painting develops it takes on a life of its own. For Robert the success of the work is depended on the energy and expression of the drawing, whether it be a quick sketch or a constructed framework for a painting or collage.

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Current Works for Sale

  • Little Red Feeder #1
    Little Red Feeder #1
  • Little Red Feeder #2
    Little Red Feeder #2

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