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Ray K Saunders

Ray K Saunders

Ray has spent his professional life as a photojournalist, working as a “street” photographer then retiring after 23 years as an editor at The Washington Post. After photographing everything from high school sports to the White House, then editing other photographers’ work at The Post, Ray now has settled in to photographing subjects he loves and finds interesting. Ray splits his time between Nantucket and the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland, both photo rich areas. Always looking for that special moment, a moment that captures life. Never inventing or creating those moments.

Current Works for Sale

  • Old North Wharf Reflections
    Old North Wharf Reflections
  • Brant Point Full Moon
    Brant Point Full Moon
  • Sankaty Daffies
    Sankaty Daffies
  • Horse & Surf, Lahinch Ireland
    Horse & Surf, Lahinch Ireland
  • Pub, Dingle, Ireland
    Pub, Dingle, Ireland
  • Smith Pt. Solstice Sunset
    Smith Pt. Solstice Sunset

Artist Portfolio