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Morgan Sayle

Morgan Sayle

Morgan grew up on Nantucket and has been evolving as an artist ever since childhood. A fascination with animals, especially wildlife, has been the fuel for her creative endeavors and although Nantucket boasts a slightly more limited variety of wildlife than other areas of the world, this posed no challenge to Morgan or her art. Morgan is skilled in pen-and-ink drawings and creates art that is realistic and precise, with an emphasis on accuracy blended with personal style. These days, her work is mostly in watercolor as she explores combining the decisiveness of ink with the looseness of watercolors.

Morgan draws inspiration from the animal encounters she has had throughout her life, including a career working with Asian Elephants. Her work also frequently features birds, and she is currently working for The Trustees of the Reservations on Nantucket.

Current Works for Sale

  • Rainforest Emerald #1
    Rainforest Emerald #1
  • Rainforest Emerald #2
    Rainforest Emerald #2