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Michele LeMaitre

Michele LeMaitre

Michele LeMaitre is a multi disciplinary, award winning artist, who INVENTED a new process and style of 2D Interactive Sculptural Mixed Media Artwork, which represent the surface of bodies of water, with bold COLORS THAT CHANGE with the movement of the viewer’s body.

Michele’s proprietary methods combine several materials and multi layers, to create sculptural modern works, which appear to have movement and light of changing colors reflecting off the surface of the water.

Her innovative modern art invites the viewer to move around the works of art, as if being immersed in water, swimming from side to side, to experience the ever changing colors which represent the water’s reflective surface; to be more consciously aware how one’s body interacts with and feels, on a cellular level, when being in any form of water and by the artwork itself. It is a moving dance with the art and the viewer’s soul.

Michele is a member of the American Society of Marine Artists, an advocate of the Bluemind movement and an Ocean Ambassador for Ocean conservancy, all which is reflected in these innovative works of Modern Art.