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Marianne Kelley

Marianne Kelley

Marianne Kelley’s career has crossed the country working in New York, California and Massachusetts for architecture and exhibit firms, universities, botanical gardens and even zoos. Ms. Kelley has a B.F.A in graphic design and photography and an M.F.A in elementary education including teaching certifications in art for Pre K - 12.

Marianne’s design & photography is influenced by art, architecture and nature which influences her to choose projects that support cultural and environmental organizations. Her first job on Nantucket can be traced back to The AAN where she has taught a variety of courses to children and adults: Digital Photography, Photoshop, Drawing & Painting, Comic Book Creations…

Marianne is extremely grateful to be a year-round Nantucket resident. She is continuously inspired by the allure of the island and her photography often reveals the beauty in details that are often overlooked.

Marianne Kelley owns two businesses on the island:
The Design Cove and Nantucket Tutor.

Current Works for Sale

  • Hydrangea Bullseye
    Hydrangea Bullseye

Artist Portfolio

  • Brant Point by Moonlight
    Brant Point by Moonlight
  • Ballyheigue Green Gables
    Ballyheigue Green Gables
  • Miacomet Cotton
    Miacomet Cotton
  • Van Gogh Kind of Day
    Van Gogh Kind of Day
  • Nestled Boats
    Nestled Boats
  • Ballyheigue Turret
    Ballyheigue Turret
  • Nantucket Wildlife Kaleidoscope
    Nantucket Wildlife Kaleidoscope
  • Hydrangea Bullseye
    Hydrangea Bullseye