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Lynn Nicholas

Lynn Nicholas

Artist Statement

The act of painting itself is more interesting to me than depicting any particular subject. Engaging with a painting, figuring out what it requires, and finding a way toward a satisfying completion, is a challenge and an adventure. I explore color, texture, rhythms, shapes and marks, and use various approaches and tools to see how various mediums act, including by accident.
Although it is abstract, my work reflects the external and natural world, as well as my interests, loves, concerns and fears. Recently, much of my work has had some connection to the value of life and freedom.
I have studied at the Art Students League in New York, at the Artists Association of Nantucket, and the Woodstock School of Art. I have been taught and mentored less formally by gifted and generous artists in various locations. I received the 2019 William Welch Award for Painting on Nantucket.