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Loretta Yoder

Loretta Yoder

Loretta graduated from college with a vocal major and art minor, followed
by a Masters Degree in Theatre from Indiana University.
For 30+ years Loretta had a successful career in the theatre and opera
including directing/producing, designing, and lighting, culminating in the
purchase of a summer theatre in Saugatuck, MI.
Her love for the canvas and easel never diminished and since 2005 she has
been a painter on Nantucket and member of the Artists’ Association.
Recent study has been in workshops with Don Demers (Nantucket,
Sarasota), Mary Erickson (Sarasota), Jonathan McPhillips (Rockport, MA),
Hagop Keledjian (Putney, VT, Rockport), Joe McGurl (Nantucket), Gregg
Kreutz (Nantucket, Chicago), Diane Rath (Chicago, Putney), and James
Harrington (Nantucket).

Artist Statement

“As an oil painter, I love the variety the medium offers. Every canvas is an
adventure — discovering harmony or discord in colors vivid or subtle,
using texture, line, rhythm, edge, light and dark — the choices are mindboggling
but never boring.”