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Julija Mostykanova

Julija Mostykanova

I was born in Lithuania, in 1980, in the little village of Pagegiai, on the Baltic Sea. After graduating from high school, I became a student of Design and Technology of Polymers at the Kaunus University of Technology.

In 2001, I came to the United States and I found my way to Nantucket Island, which with all its natural beauty has become my home and inspiration. In 2003, my painting journey began.

When creating my work, I respond to the paint itself and I leave the literal behind.

My continuation of the “Memory House Series” are works of my childhood home that I paint from my inner child’s memory. Often, my paintings are self-portraits depicting current emotions and self-perception.

I continue to be inspired by the island, my surroundings and life experiences. As I grow personally I hope my work evolves as well. Recently, my journey into abstraction has allowed me to be challenged and excited for the next phase of my career. I find non-representational painting the most challenging for me.

But as my abstract work evolves, I continue to revisit my earlier styles and let them influence each other.