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Jodi Levesque

Jodi Levesque

Jodi Levesque was born and raised on a small farm in Iowa. She earned a degree in Pastry Art and Design from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI.
Former owner/operator of Jodi’s Cakes; specializing in wedding cakes for 21 years
She began taking ceramic classes as a winter hobby at the Artists Association of Nantucket over 10 years ago. Most recently selling work at the Artists Association gallery and teaching beginning ceramics classes through AAN.

Artist Statement

Having grown up in the Midwest my interests remain solidly in functional art; meant to be shared and enjoyed. I am pulled to practical pieces that can be used in celebrations and gatherings. Creating ceramic pieces using my own two hands to mold and shape clay into something not only functional but pleasing to the eye. The pieces are part of my story and my hope is they become part of the users story as well through celebrations or the simple gathering of family and friends. Ceramic work has been a natural segue for me coming from the world of Pastry Arts. I have enjoyed using many of the same tools and techniques in ceramics as I had when creating wedding cakes. Taking those same skills and transferring them to a new medium has been incredibly rewarding.