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Jim Waterbury

Jim Waterbury

Jim is a landscape and fine art photographer who has spent summers on Nantucket for the last 30+ years. He recently retired — after 40+ years as an international corporate lawyer, almost 30 of those years with the General Electric Company. Jim is now excited to pursue his passion for photography full time.

Jim first picked up a camera, a Kodak Retina, about 50 years ago, and although photography has remained an area of keen interest ever since, the realities of work, family and travel have relegated photography to a hobby that he only enjoyed sporadically over the years. The advent of digital photography – which began 15 years ago for Jim – and his recent retirement from the practice of law, now give him the flexibility and time to devote himself to this wonderful art form.

Artist Statement

Jim has always been drawn to the beauty of our natural world, the mystery of far-away places, the joys of global travel and the opportunity to experience different cultures. His photography is focused on sharing and highlighting that natural beauty, whether in grand landscapes or seascapes, more intimate studies of our environment, or more abstract and impressionistic images of nature.