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Eric Holch

Eric Holch

Artist Life Member

Eric Holch, internationally recognized artist and printmaker, based on Nantucket Island, creates limited edition serigraph prints, posters and his signature line of nautically-inspired silk neckties.
Since 1976, Holch’s limited edition prints and oil paintings have been exhibited in over 250 galleries and museums throughout the U.S., Bermuda, England, Australia and Japan. Holch’s distinctive images have also been used for magazine covers, posters, cards, linens, jigsaw puzzles, ceramics, needlepoint, clothing and fashion accessories.

Holch grew up in Andover, Mass. and Greenwich, Conn., with every summer spent on the island of Nantucket. This New England upbringing continues to have a strong influence on both the subject matter, stark light and crisp style of his original prints and oil paintings. He finds those familiar harbors, summer sailing races, friendly side streets, warm sandy beaches and unique architectural details a constant fascination.

Artist Statement

“I try to capture those timeless images that are like snapshots in your memory. The kind of image you can look at in the middle of winter and be instantly transported back to that happy moment in time. The artistic equivalent of a story that opens your mind’s door into a great summer daydream.”

“The technical process of printmaking lends itself perfectly to creating this kind of image. The colors are intense but the message must remain simple because you are limited to flat planes of color. Creating these original prints is more time consuming for me than painting since a large print takes me about 4 months from start to finish, but the printmaking medium is a perfect match for accomplishing my artistic goals.”