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Christine Sanford

Christine Sanford

Artist Life Member

Artist Statement

Most of my paintings are non-representational. Inspiration comes from the world around me and my personal experiences in it.
​A painting may be about a book I am reading, music I am listening to, a beautiful garden, a long bike ride, or a thoughtful conversation. I am interested in exploring color relationships, creating space and surface tension and expressing signature mark making. Experimenting, adjusting, changing and layering color combinations, while trying to create interest, movement and nuance goes on until I feel the painting feels balanced and has an energy of its own. I use rags, brushes, and all kinds of tools for mark making and accomplishing texture. I like to work with gravity to create drips and shapes of interest.The paint often leads the way. Paying attention to chance, luck and accepting the lack of certainty and the certainty of making mistakes are a big part of my process. I am always eager to see what comes into play with each new painting. ​