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Charity Grace Mofsen

Charity Grace Mofsen

Growing up in Raleigh, NC, Charity Grace developed an appreciation for capturing the things and people she loved and saw beauty in. This love of photography was fostered by her parents in High School when they gifted her her first camera, a Canon Rebel, and she was convinced that she was “about to take off.” Naturally, life led in many directions but photography always captured her attention.
Many years, iPhone cameras, and a B.A. in Sustainable Residential Design & Development from Maharishi International University later, Charity Grace found herself visiting Nantucket with her husband, Michael; a place he had spent his summers as a child. Captivated by the history and natural beauty of the island, it became apparent that Nantucket would be “home.” Within a few months, they made the official move to the island and immersed themselves into the local community. With a focus on finding ways to organically and authentically bring the community together, it is no wonder the off-season or “potluck” season is Charity Grace’s favorite time on the island. This is a time when most islanders have a little down-time to connect with each other and truly enjoy the serenity of the island, playing music and sharing meals.

Artist Statement

It was during the off-season of 2019, that Charity Grace shot her favorite photo, “Be the Light, Sankaty no. 2” under the new moon. Charity Grace explained that she loves “Nantucket’s dark skies and the opportunity to capture the milky way is such a gift.” Adding to the significance of this photo is the fact that it was a magical evening out with her husband and fur baby, Herschel, and the spirit simply moved within her.

When not shooting landscapes, astrophotography, or finding creative ways to slip human, furry, and product subjects into these settings, she can be found playing music, frolicking on a beach or gardening in her yard.