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Chalermkhwan Buadam

Chalermkhwan Buadam

Kwan grew up in Songhla in the South of Thailand and developed an interest in art from a very early age. In fact as a young girl she would regularly get into trouble with her mother for drawing large murals on the walls of their house! But she was not deterred and eventualy her parents acknowledged her talents and sent her to art school at the age of fifteen.

For the next seven years she studied many art forms first in Songkhla and then moving on to Lachapat University in Phuket.

After graduating she returned to the South where she spent almost two years working on the restoration of Wat (temple) Kankawadee, painting the story of the Buddha in huge Thai style murals and frescoes.

She then went on to open her own gallery in Krabi, later expanding it to include a restaurant, but sadly she lost everything when the Tsunami of 2004 struck its deadly blow.

After struggling to rebuild in Krabi she decided to move to Phuket where she started a gallery on the beach in Kata. She now splits her time between Phuket, Thailand and Nantucket Island, MA, U.S.A.

Kwan combines traditional Thai style technique with her own unique style making bold use of texture, powerful imagery, vibrant colors and gold leaf to convey her strong message of female consciousness and empowerment.

Kwan’s chosen medium is acrylic on canvas.