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Bee Shay

Bee Shay

Bee Shay has been an art instructor since 1976 and a full-time island resident since 2006. She studied art
in high school and college and hasn’t stopped learning since. In 2010, she authored the book, Collage
(Quarry Books), which has been published in 5 languages, remains in print today, and was adopted by several public-school systems to be used by their art departments. Bee has been a print maker since
the early 1990’s and has been a longstanding member, instructor, and board member of the Nature Printing Society; an international non-profit group whose mission is to teach the love and respect of the natural world through art, with outreach programs into public and private schools and groups all over the
Bee is a nationally recognized instructor, who decided to stop traveling to focus on her island
community. She has taught for AAN and the Nantucket Atheneum, and has worked with the faculty of the Nantucket Lighthouse School developing art-based educational projects for the classroom for over 15 years.