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Barbara Clarke

Barbara Clarke

Barbara has lived on Nantucket for 27 years so is almost able to claim local stature. Originally from a small fishing town north of Dublin, Ireland, she knew as soon as she stepped off the ferry and breathed in the salt air that this was home. With a strong background in the arts Barbara has held careers as a Nantucket Basket Weaver and as a Jeweler but has settled into the field she has always known and loved, photography.

“Although I’ve always been the one with the camera, Nantucket has played a huge part in my growth as a photographer. Everywhere you look, the moors, the beaches, the historic cottages and crooked little side streets; this island is one of the most picturesque places I have ever been. My morning walks with the dog along Nobadeer to South Shore are a constant source of inspiration year round.”

Barbara lives with her contractor husband, Carl Clarke of Clarke Brothers Construction and her 3 boys, even the dog is a boy so life is busy! She also serves on the board of the Artist Association of Nantucket and is a passionate voice for island artists.

Current Works for Sale

  • Cisco Seafoam
    Cisco Seafoam
  • Surfside Song
    Surfside Song
  • Little Red Boat
    Little Red Boat