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Angel Evering

Angel Evering

My name is Avereon Evering aka Angel. I am originally from Jamaica. I came to the United States in June 2005. I have been interested in craft and typing from a young age of about 7, using old clothes to make dolls, and their clothes etc. (Recycling - which I can’t remember hearing that term. However, in Patois it means {Tun Yuh Han Mek Fashion}. I looked forward to my embroidery and art classes in School. I always wanted to learn something new and would go the extra mile to make my projects unique. My teachers would realized that, and would give me the freedom to extend my creativity and I did just that.

I have a wide range of eclectic art, from Acrylic Pouring, Mandala Art, Decoupage, Jewelry Making, Sewing, Drawing Painting and Crochet. I am self taught. I just go with my mind flow. I feel accomplished when I make an item and someone appreciates it. This makes me feel like a piece of me is out there with that person. I love what I do and that’s ONE thing I tell people that I am addicted to. I pray that it will only get better.

After High School I got certified as a Secretary and worked in that field from 1992 to current, but I was always improving my art and learning and adding new things to my list.

Both my Grandmothers sewed their own clothes, for their family and friends. My mom’s father was a tailor, so I could not have escaped that creative/artistic gene. My mom also sews and she is the one that helps to make most of my crochet handbags that I sell.

Artist Statement

“Never give up until you have given it your all”. I think we all have an Artistic Talent, we just need to figure out what it is.
I will to continue living by “One Man’s trash is another Woman’s Treasure”.