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Andrew Collar

Andrew Collar

Growing up I was surrounded by both the beauty of Nantucket and the rich and varied collections of art in my parent’s and grandparent’s homes; I developed a natural inclination for visual expression at a very young age.

Knowing early on that the arts would be where best to put my efforts I continued to grow as an artist through adolescence tackling as many varied media as I could. Dabbling in painting, various forms of printmaking, photography, etching, sculpture and collage through my formative years paid off greatly in preparing me for the eventual leap to a formal education at the Rhode Island School of Design. I began to shift my focus towards visual communication, illustration, digital media and publishing which unfortunately put in stasis my painting career, though it remained fresh in my mind for many years.

My proclivity for fine art re-emerged in adulthood, drawing inspiration from all the years spent on Nantucket. I began a series of small works; regaining confidence in the medium and showcasing some of my favorite corners of the Island.

Artist Statement

As an artist I seek to showcase the places and objects that range from the ephemeral, under appreciated and oft glanced over to those the viewer may be familiar but likely not from the perspective I see them. Absorbing the world and reflecting it in a bold pallette has been the main focus of my painting.