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Alexandra Yurkosky

Alexandra Yurkosky

Alexandra Yurkosky, known as Sasha by her friends, hails from Montclair, NJ. She has been spending summers in Nantucket since the age of six and officially became a resident in 2006. With a background in engineering and mathematics, she obtained a Master’s Degree in Pure Mathematics in 2010. Sasha has always had a penchant for creative endeavors, starting from her childhood days at the Artist’s Association, where she dabbled in ceramics during the 1980s, to her role as a sweater designer and buyer for a prominent retail company. Fueled by her passion for color, Sasha primarily works in oil paints which allows for maximum color depth and complexity. Sasha’s goal is for the vibrant hues and bold brush strokes of her paintings to be the perfect complement to the Grey Lady!

For more information visit her website or follow her on Instagram!

Current Works for Sale

  • Sunny
  • Gibbs Pond
    Gibbs Pond
  • Hummock Pond
    Hummock Pond
  • Maxcy Pond
    Maxcy Pond
  • Long Pond
    Long Pond
  • Hello Hydrangea II
    Hello Hydrangea II
  • Wee Peony
    Wee Peony

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