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Course Description

Explore color as the foundation for abstraction in traditional painting with. Chris Groves shares his techniques for capturing “color notes” - the lyrical power of hue, value, and intensity that can infuse your canvases with a range of emotion. Demonstrating the sculptural and softening effects achieved with cold wax, Chris will discuss how to convey a definitive sense of time and place by choosing the correct colors for underpainting, and solid combinations of dominant and saturated colors. Day 2 will be spent in the studio, pushing compositional abstraction by re-defining traditional painting methods and re-thinking all elements of your painting. Day 3 Chris will discuss and demonstrate how to use line and edge to create depth through reductive simplifications and make adjustments in order to enhance all the important relationships and gestures in your painting, while maintaining your initial intention.

This workshop will culminate with a critique of what works and does not work in these studies, why, and how to improve the final pieces.

For questions or assistance please contact Elizabeth Buccino, Director of Education

Cancellation Policy

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A materials list will be provided.

The Landscape: In Between Realism & Abstraction, 18+

Chris Groves

After graduating from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.F.A. in Environmental Design, Chris Groves spent the next ten years as an art director for two large companies, all the while continuing to study and hone his fine art skills. He has studied at the Florence Academy of Art in Italy, the Colorado Academy of Art, the Loveland Art Academy, the Cottonwood Art Academy and the Denver Arts Student League. He also enjoyed a private, two-year mentorship with artist Jay Moore, which he considers a turning point in his artistic career. Most recently, Groves was chosen to paint full, life-size portraits of the 10th and 11th circuit Bishops of Colorado.
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