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Course Description

As artists, we strive for perfection, but once we accept that it’s unattainable, we begin making art about ourselves. It’s important when creating to not overthink, but rather to just start; become a conduit to allow you, your work, and your inspiration to become one.

This workshop takes an experimental approach to still life, asking you to take a second and third look at what both your eyes and mind see, and ask, “Why?”

Using charcoal, collage, and mixed media, students will be encouraged to find their own voice, using free association and improvisation, while pushing the boundaries of how a still life setup is perceived and described. Together, we’ll aim to observe, break down, and deconstruct seemingly insignificant objects, gearing them toward our own interests and narratives. We’ll take a look into the works of well-known artists and hold informal critiques meant to build self-assurance. We each have a story to tell and we can begin through our art.

For questions or assistance please contact Elizabeth Buccino, Director of Education

Cancellation Policy

AAN depends upon student tuition to continue to offer classes and workshops. Due to our commitment to small class sizes and the hands-on nature of art education, we are greatly impacted by cancellations. Nevertheless, we do understand that plans change. If you need to cancel your reservation for a class or workshop, please note our cancellation/refund policy here and let us know as soon as possible.


Printable Materials List.

• Charcoal
• Colored chalk
• India ink
• Acrylic paint (your choice of colors)
• Kneaded eraser
• White solid eraser
• Newsprint paper
• Sketch paper
• Stonehenge paper (or any heavier mixed media paper)
• X-acto knife
• Modge Podge glue (Small container)
• Inexpensive paint brush for applying glue

There will be some limited collage materials on hand. It would be greatly appreciated if you added to these depending on what you are most interested in.

Matt Bielen

Matthew Bielen is a contemporary artist from Massachusetts. Bielen's work is inspired by New England's natural and Maritime history and abstractly explores the reciprocal relationship between humans and nature.
Full Artist Profile