Gr e e n e r  S t u d i os  at the  V A C


The Visual Arts Center at 24 Amelia Drive is an opportunity to create a healthy environment for making art safely.  To achieve this goal at the VAC, AAN will work toward reducing the use of solvents by using alternatives for cleaning and carefully monitor everything that will go down the studio sinks.  This is an on- going conversation and is detailed below.  The standards outlined below will create a great working environment.



We will be using Gamsol as a solvent in painting sessions.  AAN will provide it for all classes and the Community Easel Rental Studio.  Not permitted are aerosols, turpentine, turpenoid, mineral spirits, odorless versions, and dammar varnish in the building, unless they are in your premixed mediums.  Your preferred painting mediums can be used during painting sessions.




Oil-based materials:  Brushes, palettes and tools will cleaned with Vegetable

 Oil, followed by a degreaser of soap and water in the form of spray or bar soap.

Water-based materials: Wipe all excess heavy bodied paints, inks, or other items off of palettes and brushes into newsprint and dispose in regular trash. Wipe down palettes and surfaces with soap and water spray.  Final brush cleaning will be done with soap and water.

For liquid paints and mediums in jars, we will add cat litter to container and allow it to dry to a solid and dispose in regular trash.  DO NOT POUR LIQUID PAINTS DOWN THE DRAIN.


Alternative Painting  Mediums


We will be experimenting with painting mediums that contain no petroleum distillates and will provide samples for artists to try.

Provided at VAC


•       Gamsol

•       Brush cleaning pots with oil for cleaning

•       Spray bottles with soap and water

•       Brush soap


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