NANTUCKET AIR  Artist in Residence Program

The Nantucket AIR program awards sponsored residencies for artists to become part of a dynamic year round Nantucket’s art community. We invite our residents to reflect, restore and revitalize their art practice as they explore Nantucket’s natural beauty and engage with our island artists. We offer a range of residencies to visual artists in terms of funding, duration, and season. Residents are encouraged to share their work through workshops, slide presentations, demonstrations, and exhibition. Artists selected for this program are at all stages in their careers in painting and drawing, printmaking, ceramics, digital arts, and crafts.

Program Goals

To provide a restorative experience space for artists of all levels who are dedicated to taking their practice to the next level. 

To connect artists into a professional network of creative practitioners and thinkers.

  • To encourage artists to explore their ideas and work within the context of Nantucket’s natural beauty, diverse culture, and preserved history.
  • To create opportunities for engagement with local artists and audiences.

Selection Criteria

Residents will be chosen based on the merit of work, readiness to engage with and benefit from the residency experience at Nantucket AIR, and the potential to develop creative practice that impacts our island community and beyond. Fully funded residencies will be awarded to artists who exemplify creative excellence according to the specific focuses. 

Living at the Visual Arts Center

Residents stay in a bright, spacious studio apartment, furnished with a dining area, living area, desk equipped with Apple desktop, kitchen, and attached private bathroom. The Visual Arts Center is located in the center of the island and is convenient to all services. Although we have great bike paths and public transportation, in the colder months residents may choose to ferry a car over, especially if traveling with extensive supplies.

Private Studio 

We provide a  studio with tables and chairs, easels, glass topped rolling carts, a large sink, and cleaning supplies. Our printmaking and ceramic studios are available for resident use, but personal use must not conflict with regular classes, so please make sure we can meet your studio needs. 

HALE RESIDENCY APPLICATIONS are due December 31st, 2020.

If you would like to be considered for the month of January or February, please inform Elizabeth Congdon by calling 508.228.0722.

Thank you!

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