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The Visual Arts Center is designed to be and to utilize as ecologically responsible practices as possible. This includes cleaning, water, and disposal systems. Although many essential art making materials have a range of toxicity, like oil paint or ceramic glazes, we take care to use greener standards and safer alternatives. 

Creating Safely during Covid-19

We adhere to Massachusetts guidelines by providing proper distancing through limiting enrollment and class offerings on each of our three floors, and regular sanitation of all shared space, surfaces, and materials. Masks are required at all times. 


YES : 

Clean up with sponges and water 

Recycle used clay bags 

Recycle glaze bottles after soaking in water

Dispose of all rubbish in provided bins

Sanding is permitted outside

NO :  

Sweeping or Dusting or Sanding 

Disposing of materials in sink.


YES :  

Oils: Stand, Linseed, Vegetable, Walnut  

Solvents: Galkyd or Gamsol 

Clean up with vegetable oil and dawn detergent:

(palettes, tables, brushes, and easels)

ALL Rags and Towels with Paint, Ink, and Solvents are disposed in RED CANS.


Turpentine, Paint Thinner, or Mineral Spirits, including odorless products

Fumey  and Toxic Glues

Liquin, Varnish, Dryers, Fixatives or Aerosols 

Complete and comprehensive instructions will be provided for each student taking class.