The AAN 75th Anniversary

The Nantucket Art Colony expanded in scope from 1920 to the early 1940s, when the colony reached a moment of crisis and transformation. At the heart of this transformation lies the origin of the Artists Association. Founded in 1945, AAN gathered key personalities of the times and left an indelible stamp on the local arts community that continues to this day. An array of galleries and studio-galleries dot the island in 2020, nevertheless there was a critical period when AAN’s single gallery kept the scene alive, and its strong cooperative of artists and patrons reshaped a fledgling art colony into a powerhouse with abundant talent. This all conflates into one clear narrative. The isolation of the island gave freedom to a verifiably unique art scene, while AAN played an important role in the survival and growth of that scene for seventy-five years — a valuable history worth conserving as the association evolves into another decade and beyond.

Preserving The Future: the 75th Anniversary Legacy Acquisition Project

Our major 2020 exhibition will feature New Acquisitions to our Permanent Collection by a variety of artists from the last 75 years of AAN... And from the past century of the Nantucket Art Colony. A Sampler from the 100 new acquisitions for 2020:
  1. 1. John Austin, White Elephant Bulkhead, Egg Tempera
  2. 2. Roy Bailey, Row, Oils
  3. 3. Frank Swift Chase, Alongside the Wharf, Oils
  4. 4. Frank Swift Chase, Union Street, Oils
  5. 5. Anne Ramsdell Congdon, Boat Yard, Oils
  6. 6. Annie Barker Folger, Untitled (Moors), Pastel
  7. 7. Pat Gardner, Sanderling, Wood Carving
  8. 8. William Haddon, Sidewalk Art Show, Photograph
  9. 9. Philip Burnham Hicken, East Bluff, Serigraph
  10. 10. Emily Leaman Hoffmeier, Summer–Nantucket 1926, Oils
  11. 11. Mary Sarg Murphy, View of Shimmo, Oils
  12. 12. C. Robert Perrin, Hidden Forest Thistles, Watercolor
  13. 13. Elizabeth Saltonstall, Peaceful Boats, Oils
  14. 14. Jane Stroup, Pears, Alabaster
  15. 15. H. Emerson Tuttle, Aquiline, Drypoint etching