Photographing your Work


Photograph your Work!

Fridays 10 – 4 pm


We have a plan that we hope will help.

A good photograph is critical and often the first and perhaps only exposure someone will have of your work. Be sure your work is the best it can be. Having space and the correct lighting are critical to your success.


We are providing the space and equipment for AAN members to use and photograph your work.  

Lights, screen, easel and pedestal will be set up. Bring your own camera that you can use with our tripod.  


$25 per hour. Fridays 10 – 4 pm

 Call or email or reserve your space.  or 508-228-0722



Visual Arts Center

24 Amelia Drive
Telephone: 508 228 0722
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19 Washington Street
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Fax: 508 228 9700

Mailing Address:

Artists Association of Nantucket
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