Entrance into the 2012 PC Exhibition "The Waterfront Artists: Painters Who Changed Nantucket"

PC Digital Database

This database contains over 90% of the artwork maintained in the AAN Permanent Collection.

The collection now consists of over 1400 pieces covering the modern era, from the art colony roots of the 1920s to young artists active today. Media include sculpture, paintings, collages, ceramics, drawings, various forms of printmaking, photographs, and even sketchbooks and historic artifacts. The art is catalogued, watched over by the AAN's Curator of Exhibitions, and, since 1992, has been actively guided into an ever-expanding entity that seeks biographical data and pertinent artifacts on Nantucket artists, as well as important works of Nantucket art.

The AAN stores the collection in a climate-controlled storage location. Access to the physical art can be arranged for research purposes, as well as loans to other non-profit organizations for exhibition.

Works are currently on loan for exhibition at Nantucket Cottage Hospital, Sankaty Head Golf Club, and the Great Harbor Yacht Club.

In 2016, our second PC show, Family Ties, celebrates AAN artists with close bonds...couples, siblings, significant others, and parents with children. This show is on exhibit in the Visual Arts Center at 24 Amelia Drive. Open to the public: weekdays through August 26, 9-5.



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