AAN Terms and Conditions

POLICY: The undersigned hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Artists Association of Nantucket, its agents and employees from any and all liability, loss, damage, expense, causes of action, suits, claims or judgments for injury to the above mentioned child(ren) or adult(s) or the property thereof resulting from or arising out of the participation of the above mentioned person as an Artists Association of Nantucket art student(s), and shall at his/her own cost and expenses defend any and all actions or suits which may be brought against the Artists Association of Nantucket, either alone or in conjunction with others, upon any such liability, claim, or claims and shall satisfy, pay and discharge any and all judgments, and fines that may be recovered against the Artists Association of Nantucket in any such action or suit, provided, however that the Artists  Association of Nantucket shall give the undersigned written notice of any such claim or demand.

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Visual Arts Center

24 Amelia Drive
Telephone: 508 228 0722
Fax: 508 228 9700


19 Washington Street
Telephone: 508 228 0294
Fax: 508 228 9700

Mailing Address:

Artists Association of Nantucket
P.O. Box 1104, Nantucket MA 02554